Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's seven months among friends?

Apparently it's enough for a wombat to mature and venture out of her burrow! I tell ya', google image search is like divining tea leaves for me. I throw out a few words that encapsulate a moment or a feeling and what comes back gives me a focus and a context to make sense of it. This image emerged from a search of the words "seven months." I see myself in it. A little hairier than I'd like to be and in need of a pedicure. It has been seven months since I've posted here. Seven months since I talked about putting my feet on the ground.

Let me be clear here. I've allowed seven months to pass without posting. Posting here became something that invariably created tumult in my divorce no matter how hard I tried to choose words or avoid the topic altogether. It is taking me FOREVER to just craft these few sentences, both because I'm looking at every word through a microscope and because I have to keep deleting what keeps bubbling up to my fingertips. Some if it is catty and beneath me and I know that. I MISS THIS BLOG though! So I'm officially closing this one out. I hate to have to do that but I don't see any other option at this point. I will create a new one and pick up fresh. I have lots to say and lots I want to work on and process as I go. Fitness and body image will remain a primary focus, but not the only one.

Once I've set it up, I will post the address here in a final post. I will leave this blog open so people can read about last year, I've gotten lots of great feedback from bootcampers who found it helpful and I want to keep that available.

For now, I will need to secure the new blog. Not sure if that will be by password or by me granting permission to individual email addresses but I will let you know. I apologize for the hassle factor. Hopefully I can remove those barriers at some point. In the meantime, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask for a password or for access. I won't mind at all and would greatly appreciate any of you who still subscribe following me to my new home.

Check back soon!

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