Tuesday, September 18, 2007

180 Degrees

Ok, maybe more like 90, but I've turned around somewhat since yesterday. This mornings workout (12 Pack) did not involve as much running and I felt stronger with the bits that it did include. I handled the rest of it pretty well (lots of abs and lots of resistance band work for the arms) and came off feeling empowered. My husband was actually really sweet to me yesterday evening, certainly not sweeping me off my feet or anything but he was concerned and somewhat affectionate which was nice. Then today he called me from Target to say he was there trying to buy me some more workout pants (because the one pair I have are getting a bit overworked!) which was so sweet because it is SO uncharacteristic for him. What is really cute is that he kept telling me he could only find one style which I was saying couldn't be right. "But I'm in the Sportswear section!!!!" Ha, he's a total metrosexual but he's also totally clueless about women's clothes. Of course once I got him reoriented to the "Activewear" section, then he was freaking over the abundance of choices, he almost lost his resolve and said I'd just have to pick something out myself but I gave him some broad paremeters and told him I'd really enjoy wearing whatever he picked out. And I will, its amazing how much that gesture has lifted my spirits.

Today I feel like we'll manage all the challenges that felt so crushing yesterday. So wierd.

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