Thursday, September 20, 2007


As in gaining mass. Yep, I broke the rules and got on the scale this morning to see that I've gained a pound and half! I know, I'm building muscle and muscle is heavier than fat. Yada yada yada. I also know that women of my height and build who are fit and healthy weigh a heck of a lot less than I do. So when does that start happening????

Oh yeah, its only been a week and a half. 7 park workouts out of 18. REALLY? Because my big ol' jiggly butt was screaming at me this morning that I've spent YEARS in that park.

I'm being melodramatic. But I've discovered a pattern. A heavy running work out followed by one focused more on strength training. So Monday was heavy running and I felt like CRAP. Tuesday was more strength stuff and I felt good. Guessing what was coming I was so anxious about today that I kept waking up every hour so I was really nice and rested for the ass kicking I received. Today was our "Airborne Ranger" workout, and having actually skydived twice before, I would have been DELIGHTED had an actual airplane been involved. But instead we did something aptly called "suicides" and then ran....and then some more suicides, then some more running, then some more suicides, then some more running, oh, and just when you're running back to the parking lot and thinking that SURELY it is 6:50 by now its time for some MORE suicides.......up a hill that is LITERALLY at a 45 degree angle, at least. I'm serious. (If you know Candler Park in Atlanta it is that hill that divides the pool area from the soccer field). Oh, and if it wasn't clear......suicides involve sprinting . . . and squatting. And between rotations there were jumping jacks, and curb kicks, and high knees and squats and funny little dancing moves that also, shock of shocks, involved keeping your feet in the air and bouncing a lot. I definitely broke my new jog bra in today. I left the poor thing dangling on the doorknob to my closet looking utterly whipped and pathetic.

Ok, my sense of humor is returning. I didn't give up, I'm still slow as hell and that is still really really frustrating for me but I didn't give up. All I know is that I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing my husband get HIS ass kicked on bring a friend day next week! And I did wear a pair of pants yesterday that was way too tight 2 weeks ago. And the skirt I'm wearing today is still tight, but now it is "oohh, look at her being all sexy and pushing the dress code envelope" and not "oohh....someone should tell her that the whole sausage thigh look is OUT". Now if I could just lose some of my baby panis and other flappy bits I could enjoy these new muscles more!

Is it naptime yet?

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