Friday, November 23, 2007

Elves needed, inquire within

I started Thanksgiving by getting off my butt after 4 days of inactivity. I won't be able to run a half in March on mental energy alone. So I used to map out some courses around my house and I hit the road. And almost hit a wall. Apparently I am about 50 lbs heavier running alone than I am running surrounded by bootcampers and road racers. It was really really hard to run 2.3 miles with nothing but my twisted mind for company. I've already acknowledged that running is, in many ways, more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge but that run totally hit me with it.

So, I need a team of friendly running elves. Preferably to map out my courses and to keep me in the dark about how far I'm going. They could put little signs along the way. And then they could be on hand to have a cheering section every half mile or so. That should do it. Any volunteers?

Well I didn't get up early and run this morning but it's nice and cold so I'm going to try again, a bit further this time, 3.5 miles. Undecided about whether to take music with me or whether to just confront the mental demons head on and conquer them naked. But if Santa is reading this, a new ipod shuffle might be a good idea! ;-) I'm too scared to risk dropping Clint's ipod video to risk running with that.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Thanks to Rachael Ray I'm pretty darned pleased with how my turkey and stuffing and gravy turned out. I've heard how difficult gravy is to make all my life and mine rocked on the first try! And I had fun doing it! Although I wish Rachael would acknowledge that her published prep times clearly incorporate a sous chef or two. If I get lots of applicants for the elf positions maybe I'll make one a sous elf. The actual cooking was pretty fun, the chopping not so much. I also learned that its a bad idea to cut apples with the wrong type of knife while talking on the phone. It is taking me 8 hours to type this post because I'm missing my left index finger. Well..... technically I'm just missing the USE of it since it is wrapped in a ginourmous bandage.

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zandria said...

That route creator seems pretty cool! I don't run around outside (as of yet), but I'm going to save the link for possible future use. :)