Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trophys rock!

I think they are vastly underutilized in my life! Just a quick post from my friend's computer since our laptop is in Italy with my husband. I ran the Kids Chance 5K this morning. I'll write more detail later (and add a picture) but I just wanted to get this posted.

It was a great race, much kinder course than Candler Park was. And I was much more confident (which was wierd given my state of mind the past week).

1 mile marker I was at 10:46
2 mile marker I was at 22:10
I finished at 36:09!!!! Exactly 4 minutes faster than Candler Park! And you won't believe it but I got a TROPHY! I came in 3rd in the 27-35 year old female group! Ok, clearly there were not many of us in that category but it still felt AWESOME! I got my picture taken by the official photographer and everything!


Can't wait to post a picture of me and my trophy, not sure when I'll be able too.

Enjoy the gorgeous weather if you're in Atlanta!


j said...

YOU F-ING ROCK! And don't you DARE give any push back about your trophy. You EARNED it!

Jeff said...

A F'in Trophy!!!! Post a photo please! -Jeff