Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On ice

Made it to bootcamp this morning, and had a great workout. I started off sort of gingerly, a bit afraid of my knee. It was still stiff but not as much as yesterday and it ended up performing like a champ! And I had a couple of cool revelations that had nothing to do with running.
1. I can now officially crab walk without major difficulty, and fairly quickly too! I do however refuse to sing "Under the Sea" while I'm doing it. Sorry Jojo!
2. I can now do rowboats the proper way, also fairly quickly (that's actually my secret plan of attack on all exercises that are hard, power through them as fast as possible so you don't have a chance to talk yourself into quitting. I know that isn't always an ideal approach!).
3. I can even do V-sits almost properly although I'm incapable of talking back to fellow campers who are marveling at my V-sit ability while I'm actually doing them. And laughing throws me off a bit.
4. I love planks. Not saying I want to do them all day, but they feel comfortable, like my body "fits" in that position.
5. Inchworms, squat jacks and other squatting/jumping exercises are not horrible anymore. I still hate burpees though. I think they will always be the brussel sprouts of exercise for me. Seriously, what possible purpose do brussel sprouts serve in this world? Being a southern girl I've even tried them fried. Nope. I will never force them on my child, ever. I will however endure 45 minutes (NOT KIDDING) of whining and "I'm dying . . . I'm choking . . ." tearful dramatics in order to bribe my child into eating 5 BABY CARROTS. Starting small . . . we'll get there! If only he could appreciate the fact that they weren't brussel sprouts!

After bootcamp was over, I did the exercises I read about for my inner quads. At first it felt really really easy, then that muscle would hit its wall like, ALL OF A SUDDEN and I just couldn't lift that leg again. It was kind of wierd. It didn't take long and I'm glad I just dropped to the ground and did them then, otherwise they probably wouldn't get done.

I'm icing now, not feeling any pain but I figure this just needs to be my routine so I don't get thrown off my training schedule again. In case anyone was wondering, my shins are doing great, but my calfs are sore as hell. But apparently that indicates that my gait is better now as sore calfs are normal, and MUCH more stretchable and resiliant than shins so that's good. I really think that shift is totally due to the Superfeet Insoles. Unfortunately the insoles are still giving me blisters inside my arch which is annoying but Jojo told me all about BodyGlide today . . . I'd like to meet the athlete that decided to use his or her "special" lubricant in a new way. Very very clever!

Getting pscyhed about my Dad coming to Bring a Friend day on Thursday! Go Dad! And now that I've proclaimed it to the world you can't back out!


Joanie said...

Your blog was sent to me through Operation Bootcamp in Knoxville, of which I am a very proud veteran and current participant (on month four now:)). Your 5K times smoke mine but you really inspire me to keep going! FYI - you aren't slow - you are getting quite fast. Anyway, as a fellow member of the bar I can also sympathize with your work stress and I completely understand the insanity of your life. I just wanted you to know that you have a Knoxville fan that is cheering for you!

Zandile said...

Hi Joanie! Nice to meet you! Its humbling to think I might be inspring someone else, but thanks! I'm impressed that you're on month four, now that's inspiring to me!

Mlonon said...

I too am a veteran in Knoxville, just taking a break in December. Joanie is an inspiration to us all, and she is spot-on on your 5K times-your blog has turned be into a wanna be runner--still working towards the "runner" title. Thanks for the posts

Wes said...

First of all, Bootcamp sounds way to tough for me :-) I admire you for kicking ass there.

Now... What exactly is this issue with Brussel Sprouts? or Rat Heads as my kids like to call them. I would never force them on anyone, but I personally {heart} them! LOL!! There's this really great recipe for carmelizing them in Olive Oil then sprinkling them with parmesan cheese. Yummy, tee, hee...

All the peeps I know that have gotten over knee pain have strengthened all the muscles in their legs. Hope you have continued success there! Also, rolling your muscles with The Stick or the Tiger Tail will help.

I'm full of it today :-)