Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Catching Up

Time for confessions. I skipped bootcamp on Friday. In my defense, my shins were hurting worse than they ever have after Thursday's work out (12 Pack - we were running laps which included a steep downhill on pavement, that is where I feel it the most) and I was coming down with my son's cold and I had a very sore and swollen throat. And I don't know that it was a bad decision, but I still felt bad about it.

To assuage my guilt, and to capitalize on my son's new found interest in fitness (I got him a Health Journal where he can write down his activities for each day and get smiley face stickers for each fruit or vegetable he eats) I ran a mile with him in our neighborhood on Saturday. He did really well, running intervals most of the first half mile and walking the rest. I did long ovals back and forth trying to keep him in the middle so I actually ran something more than a mile. It took us about 20 minutes which was all we had on a very over scheduled saturday and I'm glad we fit it in. I really feel like if I'm ever going to do something longer than a 5K I'll need to do extra running beyond what I get in bootcamp so I'll have to figure out how to fit that in eventually. But for now I'll just focus on November 10, and on getting some better shoes!

Woke up Monday with angry golf balls stuck in my throat, felt sicker than I had Friday but I told my body to get over it and I went. I was really glad I did because we did 2 Minute Drills which has become one of my favorite workouts. I even passed some people on the sprinting portions. Tim was right, now that I know what I'm doing I don't have to spend much of my mental energy on figuring things out or anticipating what's next so I can use it to push myself and really focus on getting lower in my squats, on improving my sprints, on getting past my comfort zone.

Today we did Guts & Guns again, another one of my favorites although I found the running challenging today. It was in the upper 30's this morning so it was the first workout where I kept my jacket zipped the entire time (my new C9 Duo Dry "breathable" jacket from Target). I even wore gloves and one of those ear wrap things. I know you should wear a hat but once we got warmed up it wasn't THAT cold and I CANNOT stand a sweaty head. It's official. I'm a high maintenance exerciser.

PROGRESS ALERT! Remember those great work out pants my husband bought for me during my first bootcamp? I was wearing them today and when running any distance I had to keep grabbing them by the waist and hitching them up! Yes, they were literally sliding off my body as I ran. I was getting so annoyed until the implications SLOWLY dawned on me. I may be up and in the park every morning but I can not vouch for my mental acuity at that hour!

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