Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Defeating Paralysis and Death

So after taking yesterday off (it was COLUMBUS DAY people!) I showed up this morning for the free "downtime" workouts that are available for those who have signed up for the next bootcamp (which starts October 22... c'mon . . . you can do it!). These are opportunities for new instructors to train, for old instructors to practice and for new workouts to be tested in the field. I briefly thought I'd be alone with three instructors (Tim, Walter and Brock) but thankfully Stephanie and Doug showed up. I was nervous after my total slackness all weekend and my indulgences (lets put it this way . . . the cheeseburger I ate on Friday at the party was ONLY the beginning of a weekend of sin). But lo and behold, this was the gigglingest workout EVER! I had so much fun! The instructors were relaxed, everything was pretty informal, it was such a small group of people that I trusted, and I felt so darn relaxed with them. You'd almost think I BELONGED there or something. WIERD.

We used jump ropes today. And since they were new and we got them right out of the package we got to read the warnings. Which included the HIGH RISK OF PARALYSIS AND DEATH. I almost let fear overcome me on several occasions, but somehow, I pushed past it . . . and we all survived the workout, with all of our legs in working order. There WERE moments of doubt, I'm NOT super coordinated with the jump rope and at times I had to resort to phantom jump roping because keeping moving was more important than succeeding in jumping the rope. And apparently I am seriously challenged when it comes to leading with the left leg when we were trying to jump rope uphill. But I was lekker sweaty (South African reference . . . I'm cool like that) by the end and I'd had MORE FUN than PAIN!

Since I'm in such a good mood now, I guess its appropriate for me to confront my other great fear about bootcamp. I've hidden it from everyone, claiming that I'm too out of breath to count out loud. That was true at the beginning, but it isn't anymore (which is kinda cool in and of itself). But now I've realized that I CAN'T COUNT. Every time I try to count out loud with the group I get confused. Seriously. It completely blows my concentration. I have TWO . . . yes TWO graduate degrees. Apparently I'm one of those "special" smart people that can only process lofty abstract concepts and CAN'T COUNT FROM 1 TO 10! I get so flustered and embarrassed its ridiculous! So there you have it, my six year old is better equipped for the mental side of bootcamp than I am!

FYI - I'll be helping out at the Operation Bootcamp booth at the Candler Park FallFest this weekend, late Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Yes, me. Who was, 6 weeks ago, destroyed by a walk up the stairs, will now be a SPOKESWOMAN for fitness. Isn't life grand?

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