Thursday, October 11, 2007

The mechanics of layering

The Mechanics of Layering

There was a distinct chill in the air at 5:45 this morning. Enough so that I felt uncomfortable trying to walk around without a hoody. But not so much that I didn’t have to take it off before our warmup was even over. And then had to drag it around the park with me. So I must master the mechanics of layering, which apparently involve somewhat specialized materials (which can apparently be had at the likes of Target, yay! How did we get by before Target anyway?).

I REALLY REALLY hate feeling overheated. So I’m a little nervous about the idea of wearing more clothing during my workouts. However I also realize that if it’s 40 degrees outside its probably just stupid and dangerous to strip down to a t-shirt. So I will be investigating a winter workout wardrobe, something I’ve never had. It had never crossed my mind before that I’d be working out anywhere other than my climate controlled house or a climate controlled gym.

Not much else to report today. Breathing cold air was challenging and I’m a bundle of nerves about Saturday morning. Will the air be too cold? Will the sun be too bright? Will all the people make me too nervous? Will my shins hurt too much? Will I psych myself out by knowing how much further I have to run? Will I disappoint everybody? Does Operation Bootcamp REALLY want ME wearing their t-shirt at the back of the pack? Should I carbo load on Friday night? Am I just looking for an excuse to go to Figo?

Tim and Jojo are going to be starting an 8:30 am bootcamp on October 22 as well as the normal 5:45 am one. I was worried this would mean that my Tim and Jojo time would somehow be diluted but he says they’re planning to be involved in both timeslots. They are hardcore. So there are now options for those of you who seem to feel that you have something better to be doing at 5:45 in the morning (which is really just silly but I suppose not EVERYONE can scoff at the dawn the way I do).

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