Friday, October 12, 2007

My elusive stride . . .

Found it again today! I was really nervous that it had been a total fluke the day we did our long run in bootcamp but somehow it came back to me right at the end of the workout today as we were running back to the cars. Even Instructor Tim noticed. It is SO COOL when it happens because you just feel like you could keep going and going and going and you stop mentally calculating how much further you have to go.

Anyway, it was JUST ME and Instructors Tim and Brock today. We took Brock on a tour of the park and explored some new areas ourselves which was cool. It is really amazing to feel like I am a part of the Operation Bootcamp organization, and I feel so blessed to have these great (and big and strong) instructors to spend time with me (and keep me safe in the park before dawn).

So they really helped prepare me mentally for tomorrow, and feeling that boost of confidence as I found that elusive stride again this morning made all the difference. I'm more excited about tomorrow than I am scared . . . woo hoo!

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