Thursday, October 4, 2007

Now THAT'S Bootcamp!

For our last bootcamp workout before our final PT test tomorrow we got RAINED on! When I showed up back at the house this morning and my husband took one look at my soggy self he laughed and said, "Now THAT'S bootcamp!" We have had perfect weather throughout so it was about time (and I know the earth certainly appreciated it). Happily, it wasn't a raging thunder storm, just a steady light rain throughout. As Jojo put it, quoting her grandfather, "First you get wet, then you get dry." Good point. So off we went.

Today was two minute drills, which, as it turns out, was a Candler Park version of the workout I did in Piedmont last Saturday. Maybe it was the pre-dawn darkness that I've discovered I love so much, or maybe it was the cooling rain, or maybe it was just the beauty of the straight line of cones with lights on them guiding us but I just enjoyed myself much more than I did last Saturday. I suspect the real reason was that I felt safe and "at home" with this family of people who have marched by my side through this past month. I was delighted to hear the number of folks who have decided to sign up for the next Candler Park bootcamp. I love the sense of solidarity that has developed between us, even though most of us really know very little about each others' lives outside the park. We pick up bits and pieces here and there but for the most part we only know that these people know what we are doing in a way that no one at home or in the office can really understand (unless they've done it). I must admit, one reason I'm super psyched about the graduation party is the opportunity it presents to have normal conversations with these miraculous fellow "soldiers" and to try and catch a glimpse at how and why we all ended up in the middle of Candler Park at 5:30 am on September 10, 2007. I think my psychologist friend would say we have trauma bonded.

Shoe update, I wore my new shoes around the office yesterday afternoon and at home last night and they came up too high on the back of my ankle and were causing a wicked sore spot just walking around. I don't know HOW I missed that in the store. So I stuck with my trusty Nike's this morning and I'll return/exchange them when I leave work this evening. I'll keep you posted. Even if I do end up exchanging them I may stick with the Nike's tomorrow anyway just because I don't want anything unexpected to throw off my PT test run. WHICH IS TOMORROW. I can't believe I made it . . . check in tomorrow for the results, which will hopefully inspire you and me!

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