Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The integrity of my zipper

No workout this morning because the downtime workouts are only mon, tues, thurs and fri.

So, in an effort not to over focus on weight and be negative I hadn't yet reported on here that as of the end of last week I had GAINED 2.5 lbs since starting bootcamp. UGH (and that was BEFORE the cheeseburger).

But, to counter that, I put on a suit this morning that I haven't worn in a couple of months. I usually tried to avoid wearing it because it was tight in the belly and the zipper had a nasty habit of just unzipping itself when I was sitting down. For that reason, when I did wear it I typically always kept the jacket on so I could cover myself. Also, the shirt I'm wearing today is a button down, which is always a challenge for a woman of ample bosom, like myself.

But here I sit, with neither my zipper or my buttons undergoing any stress at ALL. In fact the pants are really loose, almost saggy. Very very cool.

I finally registered for the Candler Park 5K yesterday, still very nervous about it but I'll be there. We also realized that my son's soccer game was scheduled for the same time. As we were discussing the fact that they wouldn't be there, or that maybe they could leave the soccer game early and try and catch me at the finish, my son burst into tears. He was inconsolable at the thought of not being there for the 5K. I tried to explain that all he and Daddy would be missing would be seeing me start and finish, and that there would be a long boring wait in between, and that it wasn't going to be all that exciting from a kid's point of view. He was having none of it and we eventually decided that he can miss one soccer game to come and support me. I thanked him for being so sweet and then he starts asking me what I'm going to win when I come in first place.

Oh dear. We continued to talk about it as I tucked him in. Mommy is not a fast runner, mommy is a beginning runner and finishing the race at all IS winning, and the only prize will be a t-shirt. Hmmmm, he finally seemed to accept that I wouldn't be crossing the finish line first and that I wouldn't have a huge trophy to bring home. He did seem impressed when I explained that the distance was the same as walking from our house to his school and halfway back again.

I have noticed my husband looking at me with something like wonder on his face lately. We haven't discussed it, but I'm SURE that he thought the money I spent on my Nikes was going to be wasted. I'm sure he had a timetable in his mind for when I was going to quit and I'm sure he had predictions for what my excuses were going to be. As I've continued his support has grown more and more solid. The sarcasm that tinged some of his comments in the beginning has totally disappeared. Although his early comments really hurt my feelings, I can't deny that he had a basis for not wanting to invest too much too soon. Every fitness regimen I'd ever started I quit within the first week or two. We've been together for 12 years (this weekend actually) so he had a lot of past experience to draw on.

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